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PDI is a Clinic, Health Resort and Training Institute for sincere seekers of Ayurveda, Yoga and Spiritualism. Since 2006 PDI has served as a beautiful, nurturing place where people can come to heal from their physical pain, find emotional freedom, empower themselves, and connect to their inner spiritual life. We love visitors! Whether you are attending a program, live nearby, or are visiting from out of town, we invite you to drop by the PDI Center. Browse our library bookstore, drop in for a yoga class, learn meditation, nurture yourself with an Ayurvedic treatment, or set yourself on the path to wellness with a mind-body medical consultation.


Prakash Deep Institute provides authentic Ayurvedic treatment and medicines for all kinds of chronic and lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, stress, migraine, high blood pressure, skin diseases, asthma, spondylitis...

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Welcome to our PDI Ayurveda Delhi. We provide consultation to anyone who wants to know about ayurvedic treatment methods, holistic treatments, ayurvedic lifestyle changes and our wellness therapies.


It is one of the most important and well known Ayurvedic therapies. It consists of 5 procedures aimed at cleaning and rejuvenating the body which is a basic necessity for the maintenance of good health and treatment of any illness.


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